Join Us on Our Journey Into the Unknown…

Andy QuoteWhen was the last time you got lost? Maybe when you hopped on the wrong train, or when a friend gave you some questionable directions, or maybe got so drunk you didn’t remember your own address. Remember the feelings of discomfort and anxiety, of uncertainty and possibly even fear? Maybe you felt like all you wanted to do was go home.

Now, think back to the last time you were lost on purpose. The last time you had no idea where you were, but you knew there was no place you’d rather be. You still have those anxious feelings, and comfort may have been thrown out the window long ago, but there is something else there, a sense that, out of this uncertainty, something exceptional is going to happen. This is your sense of adventure speaking, and we want you to listen up.

The Shenaniconglomerate (pronounced: SHəˈnanəkənˈɡlämərət) aims to inspire you through original content to listen to your sense of adventure and to pursue that uncertainty, discomfort, and fear. We will share stories, photos, and videos throughout the month to keep you updated on our adventures, and we sincerely invite you all to come on an adventure with us someday. We’d love to hear about your adventures, too, either on our page or over a pint of cold alcohol.

So without further ado…welcome! Thank you for reading this far, and maybe take a few minutes to check out a bit of background About Us and what we are all about, as well as our first adventure review of our bouldering trip to Governor Dodge State Park.

We hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures, and remember…nobody lives forever.


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