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We are brothers from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois whose sights are always set on adventure. Early on, our parents cultivated a love for the outdoors in us, something they now kick themselves for every time they hear of our escapades. But hey, if they are hearing from us, it means we are alive (ish)! We love to rope others into our adventures and never turn down a challenge…if you are like minded, we’d love to make some memories with you… or at least share our memories with you via this blog. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel at Nobody Lives Forever for footage of our adventures! Cheers!

Here’s what we have to say about each other…

Tim (25)

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Tim graduated from Carthage College in 2012 with a degree in psychology and has led an active career helping those with disabilities at nonprofit organizations. In addition to his current job as a Compliance & Eligibility Specialist at Goodwill, he has a Masters of Human Resources Development at Webster University and is trying his hardest to never go back to school again.
To Tim, life is not about not running the rat race, it’s about running 10Ks and marathons; it’s not about desk jockeying, it’s… well, he doesn’t really ride horses, so forget I even started that metaphor. Tim stays active during the week by running, lifting, climbing, and playing water polo and ultimate frisbee. On weekends you can find him backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains, crag hopping at Governor Dodge, or swimming across Devils Lake.
Tim’s talents include tuning out thoughts of self-preservation and “doing it live,” because if nothing goes wrong, you’re doing it wrong.

Tim’s fears include following instructions, spiders, and fear itself.

 Andy (22)
Andy Bio PicAndy graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2014 with a degree in economics and political science and now works as a policy analyst for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in Madison. But this blog isn’t about him pushing papers, it’s about him pushing the limits.
Even as a young human, Andy always loved the outdoors and wandering off-trail, and as he grew older and adult supervision diminished, he was able to take his love for adventure to other levels. In 2015, he wandered around the island of New Zealand for four months with no plans and even less money. Like he always says, “Good judgment comes from experience, but experience comes from poor judgment.”
Recently, he dove face first into rock climbing, and plans on developing those skills over the next 6 years until he breaks his arm in a terrible fall. Until then, he plans on continuing adventuring around as much as possible and spending his time and money on beer and camping equipment.
Dating-profile interests include: tossing plans out the window, getting lost, sleeping on the ground, and puppies.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You two are every mother’s nightmare, BUT would make any mother proud to call you their sons. Good luck! Have fun. Make memories. BE SAFE.
    Aunt Cynthia


  2. You guys have really entertaining writing, and your adventures remind me of the trips I take with my friends. Followed the blog and I’ll be reading the next tale when its out.

    “if you are like minded, we’d love to make some memories with you”
    As for this, if you guys are ever on the West Coast and want some extra company on a backpack trip, I like making new outdoor friends.

    Liked by 2 people

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