Tired of pictures that don’t move? Illiterate? Don’t worry, we still have something for you! Check out videos, the finest medium, from our most daring adventures on YouTube at Nobody Lives Forever!

We were told, “The weather is too bad!” They said, “It’s too dangerous!” We were promised we’d “never make it back alive!” But we showed them!

The banjo music was not added during editing; it resonates through the Hollow at all times.

You know when you’re in Dodge and you just gotta get out of it?

Is it possible for my favorite movie to not be a movie, but rather 30 minutes of real life?

When you all think “there’s no way that would work,” that’s when you know you need to at least try it.

What happens when you put six irresponsible Shenaniganners on two feet of water-coated ice? Lots of fun and lots of bruises (but mostly fun).

Join us on a tour of The Porcupine Mountains on a beautiful fall weekend of catching snakes, losing the trail in the dark, sighting wild Minnesotans, and crossing raging rivers!

After visiting two countries outside of the United States, I can confidently say that there is no country in the world like New Zealand. It’s amazing enough that I felt no real desire to go anywhere else between my first time there and going back. Seriously, you should go, no bias.

Sir Harry Fenton and I figure out the hard way that Mt. Doom isn’t as warm as the movies make it out to be, but that the icy summit makes for a quick descent!